Horse Arenas & Round Yards

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Horse Arenas & Round Yards

A well-constructed arena will add substantial value to your property and provide a great all-weather surface for your riding enjoyment and development.

Planning, location, drainage, subsurface materials and the right selection of riding surfaces for your needs are all critical components of successful arena construction.

Bobcat Perth understands that your arena investment must be functional, low maintenance, all weather capable, gentle and compatible with the requirements of both riders and horses and our knowledge and experience can make these features a reality for you.

Our dual grade laser grader is used on both the base and final riding surface to ensure that the arena has a perfect grade and that the surface depth is consistent within 10mm across the entire arena. This is essential to prevent hard or soft spots on the riding surface.

We also specialise in fencing, retaining, cut and fill and edging so we can complete your project from start to finish.

If you are thinking of a new arena, we are happy to meet on site to discuss your requirements and offer advice, alternatives and estimates to allow you to make the best decision possible.